Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Personalrat der studentischen Beschäftigten

Working at Humboldt-University as Student Assistant

The working conditions for student assistants at Humboldt University are regulated by collective labor agreements. We are the elected committee representing all student assistants at Humboldt University. We are taking care, that labour rights and agreements on labour conditions are respected by the university.

We are trying to make sure that students, who apply for a job, will be treated equally and based on their qualifications but also, in case they are equally suitable, social factors such as financial situation and socio-economic position are taken into account.

If you have any questions concerning your job at or have any questions regarding your student assistant position, your contract and labour rights, please contact us. Whenever you may have a problem in your job, you are not alone. We will try to give you support or find support for your problem.

If you want to apply for a student position at HU, you will find information in German what to consider on our website. In any case:

You should always try to find out if an English application is acceptable. Some professors and decision makers may not consider your application if it is in English.

Make sure that you apply a minimum standards and customs for official applications in your letter of motivation. For student positions at HU it is important to elaborate why you are fulfilling the qualifications that are asked for in the official tender. Also you should send a CV and your confirmation of enrolment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) and offer to send additional references if needed.