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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Staff Association

About us

The University Staff Council was elected in November 2016 for a term of four years. Candidates from two lists (ver.di/Offene Liste, GEW) stood for election.

The Council represents staff members of Humboldt-Universität, excluding those employed by the University’s medical faculty “Charité”, in staff-related matters within the framework of the Berlin Staff Representation Act (PersVG).

The number of Council members is determined by the number of pay scale staff members and public servants employed by the University. This amounts to 15 representatives for the group of pay scale staff members and two for the group of public servants.

The Council forms an Executive Board made up of its own members. The chairperson represents the Council within the framework of decisions that said Council makes.

The Staff Representation Act (PersVG) gives the Council a number of participatory rights (§§ 70 ff). The Council exercises these rights in close collaboration with the head of the Universtiy management. This Act distinguishes between matters of co-determination (§§ 85 ff) and matters of consultation (§§ 89 I, 90).

In matters of cooperation, the intended measure must be discussed in good time and in detail with the staff council before it can be carried out with the aim of reaching agreement (§ 84). If no agreement is reached between the Council and the head of the authority responsible for employment affairs, then the Council may call upon the “Arbitration Committee for Staff Representation Issues” at the Berlin State Department of Internal Affairs (§ 81 ff).

The Council is entitled to conclude agreements governing official matters. We have compiled a list of the works agreements applicable to University staff members.

The Council members are involved in the University’s committees and working groups, in which various areas of work within the Council and responsibilities for certain organisational units are agreed upon. There is a solid collaboration between the Central Staff Council of Humboldt-Universität, the Staff Councils of the other Berlin universities, and the trade unions represented at our University.